125watts Monocrystalline Solar Panel



Product Description

Designed to be used for any kind of solar application, and excellent for off grid applications, this panel is made from high quality Monocrystalline Cells with very high efficiency. Because of it multiple applicability, it made with premium standard and is aimed at maximum output at all times. A great alternative for 140watts solar panels. Also good for NDDC specified projects.



Case Material:   Black anodized aluminium frames , water tampered glass, whether proof film
Panel Size 670X1320X35 (mm)
Warranty: 25years limited Warranty on power output.
Module Efficiency: 15.49%
Voltages 12V/24V
Watts 125
Weight 14.6kg

Parks, Industries, Factories, Streets, Yards, Highways, Schools and others.

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Poles, Lamps, Batteries, Charge Controllers